The Story of #PASSTHETAG

It started with a simple act of kindness involving  a bracelet... And it turned into an initiative aimed to build a community of #WorldChangers who are making an effort to positively impact the world.


Where #PASSTHETAG is Today...

Originally, Tag was intended to create a personalized product that could be passed from person to person all around the world, giving people a way to stay connected, track where their bracelets had traveled to, and leave a small piece of themselves as a gift to strangers. But as the project developed, like any project would, it started to take on different characteristics. More people were interested in using the bracelets like Friendship Bracelets that they'd share with someone close to them, and use the #hashtag engraved on the back to document all the fun moments of their lives they spent together. I thought it was neat how people took the product and made it their own, but a part of me felt like something was missing... the intention was a little different... and then I thought back to my experience and why receiving that bracelet from that random guy made such a positive impact on me...

It was because it was just a random act of kindness. He didn't know me... He didn't get anything in return for giving it to me... he wasn't benefiting at all from doing that... he was just a good-hearted person with a nice intention to make someone else happy. It was that simple.

He was just GIVING to GIVE.

It was his action, that act of kindness, that prompted ME to continue giving... that's what sparked the idea to make a product that could give OTHERS the opportunity to do that same act of kindness to help brighten someone's day and hopefully create a ripple effect of other kind acts in the world. And THAT was the part that I felt like the project was missing. The part about doing something kind for someone you don't know... the intention to spread love, kindness, and positivity for the greater good.

That's why we've rebooted Tag with this new mission... To recognize #WorldChangers for making a positive impact in the world, encourage others to join in our efforts, and build a community of people making a difference. We want to #PASSTHETAG.

We've seen examples of how social media can raise awareness all across the globe in a matter of minutes with campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Something as simple as "tagging" a friend to get involved, means you've passed on this invitation for others to make a difference. You've started a ripple effect of spreading goodness... and THAT in itself, is being a #WorldChanger. 

We encourage you to create your own ways to make a positive impact and to get your friends to do it with you! Get a group of friends together to do a beach clean up... Keep some extra protein bars in your car so you can give them to someone hungry on the streets... Or just post a picture of your best friend on Instagram and tell the world why you think they are amazing and have them do the same for another friend...  There's so many ways to start a ripple effect of kindness... you just have to START.

We've teamed up with a number of celebrities who are looking to celebrate their fans for creating a ripple effect of goodness. Check out our Instagram @passthetag to see which celebrities are involved, start creating a ripple effect of goodness, and who knows... maybe YOU will be the special fan who get's recognized for being a #WorldChanger and be gifted the other matching side of your favorite celebrity's Tag bracelet set!

You can also receive a FREE set of TAG bracelets when you come out to our events, as well as have the chance to win a number of great give-aways from very generous companies who believe in our initiative and want to celebrate and recognize you for being a good samaritan. 

The Inception of TAG Bracelets

TAG. was inspired by a series of events experienced by the founder, Nikki SooHoo. Here's her story:

I love wearing bracelets. Arms full of bracelets became a staple of my identity. I collected them from different places I traveled to, from different people I'd met, and from different moments throughout my life. It was almost like carrying my life's journey on my wrists. The bracelets sparked many interesting conversations with people anywhere and everywhere. I met so many cool people and made so many new friends just because my accessories intrigued people.

Many times, I ended up giving a bracelet away to the person I had met. It was like a symbol of our new friendship, and a simple act of kindness that I could leave them with once we parted. It made me feel good to make them feel good. I hoped that it would spark a ripple effect of kindness, giving, love, and positivity. I figured, I may not be solving world hunger or poverty, but maybe making one person's day better was a good start.

It just so happened that one day the favor was returned to me. I was driving in my car, stopped at a red light, and the guy in the car next to me rolled his window down and threw a bracelet into my car window, yelling "Add this to your collection" as he drove off. I didn't get a chance to ask him his name, or even to say thank you. There was no way I'd ever know who that guy was or why he did what he did, but what I did know was that it made me happy and I was grateful. It was that experience that sparked the idea to create a bracelet that could keep people in touch, that could connect and help grow new relationships, and that could be a symbolic representation of  new friendships.


Narrated by Nikki

Meet Yuka... Yuka is the lovely lady we employed to tie the string into bracelets. She was one of the best gifts we were blessed with during this project, and the story of how we found Yuka is a story worth telling.

It had been almost a year since I had come up with the concept of Tag. and had searched for months upon months trying to find the right supplier to make my bracelets, but to no avail. I wanted the bracelet to be exactly how I imagined, made with a specific string and tied a very specific way, but no company could produce a product I was satisfied with. 

I was literally on the verge of listening to everyone who told me to just give up on trying to make it exactly how I wanted. They advised me to move forward with the project and find another solution; and not get stuck at the roadblocks along my path.

It didn't feel right in my gut, because I really wanted to be completely happy with the product I was making. I figured, why would anyone else want it, if I didn't even want it. But a friend of mine suggested going down to the Venice Beach Boardwalk to take a look at the bracelets made by other artisans to try and find a different string and a different way of tying the bracelets that I might've been okay settling with.

Feeling defeated, I had walked the entire street filled with artist vendors and found nothing I liked. But right when I was about to go home, I spotted this beautiful lady with her cute little baby boy running around. She had her blanket laid out with a handful of bracelets she hand-crafted and was just peacefully watching as people walked past her stand.

Talk about "It's Meant to Be..."

Yuka's bracelets were made with the EXACT string I had been looking for and tied EXACTLY the way I wanted them. It was like the Universe answered my wishes. She was the solution to my biggest challenge. It just so happened that Yuka was at a transition point in her life, homeless, no car, no phone, no computer, and traveling from LA back to Mexico with her 1-yr old son Mitch... and we were able to provide her a full-time job that enabled her to settle into a new place and even employee a couple assistants to help her. We set her up with a bank account to send her earnings to her. Now she's being finely rewarded for doing the work she loves. 

We were so grateful to have met Yuka and to get the opportunity to work with someone who really wanted and loved to do what she was doing. The way it all worked out seemed very Karmatic... for all those times I gave and made someone's day... the favors were returned to me helping me bring this project to life.

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